‘Soothing Wave’

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Assists the soul to relax into stillness, a quiet nurturing space where deep healing and letting go comes naturally.

The gentle water energy washes over all that is stagnant, agitated, fiery, confused or chaotic to gradually bring things back to peace and clarity. Teaches the wearer to flow like water, reflect and yield rather than to deal with things in a ‘black & white’ (win or loose) masculine style. Ultimately helps one to remain connected to the feminine energy enough for peace to become a more common (and eventually natural) state of being. In that quiet ‘mode’ deeper insight can occur faster which allows one to be more conscious of one’s personal truth (this is relevant and that is not).

Facilitates the realisation for the mind that being calm and peaceful doesn’t mean less efficiency or less action and doesn’t need to be delegated to mostly the evenings & weekends.

White shell, white and blue Calcedony, white Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, bone, Serpentine, Carnelian, Apatite, blue/grey Calcedony pendant


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