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How does an Akashic or Heart Union Reading work?

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The Reading

The Akashic reading provides clear guidance on how to best approach and transform your challenges. You have the ability to ask several questions that may be spontaneous or prepared in order of importance. Then by identifying the core cause & remaining imprints of your biggest limitations you are assisted to release this once and for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are ultimately the field of subtlest energy where all thoughts, words and actions leave imprints; a bit like a 100% precise and accurate cosmic database.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is a process of receiving and relaying information and subtle energy from a higher source or being of light that has a more loving and enlightened consciousness.

Who are the ascended (or enlightened) Masters?

Ascended masters are enlightened spiritual beings who once lived on earth just like we do. Through many lifetimes they 'mastered' their karma/lessons and overcame all vices and the so-called ego, the illusionary self.

Why work with the Akashic Records?

Most people keep repeating the same old dramas, stories and can’t overcome deep-seated patterns. The Akashic Records can provide clear insight of where these limitations come from, what they are and how they are embedded in one’s belief-system, perceptions and creations.

By understanding what is holding one back and what is the potential empowerment a rapid transformation is enabled.

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What Clients Say

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I’ve been always been a big fan of his work since I had a first Akashic record reading with healing session in 2014. Every session brought me deep transformational information, learning and freedom from my old habitual way of being. Now he combines his healing art and results coaching tools together which I found very powerful and efficient on every level. I am very grateful for his talent, patience and all the beautiful jewellery he creates to support my journey. Thank you, Zeo!

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I’ve had a number of Akashic sessions with Zeo over the years. He has a remarkable ability to deeply tune in and connect with information and healing that is truly transformation. I highly recommend these sessions if your needing support to get to a core issue or just feeling stuck or wanting to create change and needing some higher guidance.

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With the help of Zeo’s spiritual work I was able to discover and successfully transform some of my deeply hidden, sub- and unconscious patterns. My life is simpler and richer on all levels as a result. His direct and clear style is one of a kind. Thank you for this blessing.