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Question: are you coming up against the same obstacles again and again? Possibly dragging yourself through life with the same dynamics weighing you down day in - day out?

—> Well, I get it, I’ve totally been there - how can you truly progress when it’s not obvious how or even what the source of the struggle actually is? Of course, you can battle on, endure and stay stuck struggling until your wellbeing or happiness or health goes down the drain…. or you can reach out and get expert support to dynamically transform and move forwards in your life.

Why work with Zeo?

Zeo assists to bring grace to your journey by getting right down to the root causes of any issues to help you transform them once and for all.

The healing of longterm limiting and repetitive patterns is expedited by accessing the Akashic records, the universal databank, for precise and accurate pinpointing of the cause and for full resolution to take pace.

Personal Empowerment (all areas of life)

Ready to move into your true potential? Choose the ‘Trinamite Empowerment’ package for maximum impact! 

A combination of Spiritual Guidance, Transformation tools, and Results Coaching will get you there in the most efficient way possible. 

Why spend years with a therapist when in 3 months you can achieve just as much?

Improve Your Relationship(s)

Become empowered by getting the bigger picture from a higher perspective that allows you to systematically undo disempowering dynamics and resolve the blind-spots that create stagnation and dissatisfaction in relationships.

Depending on the level of support required, this may mean just a few sessions or going into deeper levels of self transformation and healing. 


Accelerate the progress of your career, finance and business growth. Higher consciousness doesn’t take away your growth, decision making or learning but DOES provide excellent analysis and recommendations for you to navigate with maximum clarity and focus.

What Clients Say



I’ve been always been a big fan of his work since I had a first Akashic record reading with healing session in 2014. Every session brought me deep transformational information, learning and freedom from my old habitual way of being. Now he combines his healing art and results coaching tools together which I found very powerful and efficient on every level. I am very grateful for his talent, patience and all the beautiful jewellery he creates to support my journey. Thank you, Zeo!



I’ve had a number of Akashic sessions with Zeo over the years. He has a
remarkable ability to deeply tune in and connect with information and
healing that is truly transformation. I highly recommend these sessions
if your needing support to get to a core issue or just feeling stuck or
wanting to create change and needing some higher guidance.



With the help of Zeo’s spiritual work I was able to discover and successfully transform some of my deeply hidden, sub- and unconscious patterns. My life is simpler and richer on all levels as a result. His direct and clear style is one of a kind. Thank you for this blessing.