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Accelerate your transformation with precise guidance from the level of enlightened consciousness

Receive powerful and precise guidance to overcome your lifelong problems and reach your full potential through 1-on-1 sessions. Implement the wisdom and recommendations systematically with complementary results coaching for maximum effectiveness.

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Why Work With Zeo

Zeo with a Crystal Ball

Zeo Sheehan is a channel for higher consciousness, a spiritual healer/teacher and artist. His mission is to bring more Joy to this planet by helping people to accelerate their consciousness in a positive way and assist with personal growth and transformation. He has 20 years of experience & dedication in the area of self development, spirituality, healing and natural health. He has a special interest in progressive education and healing and has been training and working closely with the enlightened spiritual beings known as Ascended Masters since 2004. Starting with an in-depth study and exploration of Tibetan Buddhism in 1994, his path has led to a deep understanding of the personal & spiritual transformation and the steps that are necessary to grow into one’s full potential. To facilitate profound healing and help make the life journey more graceful, Zeo offers channeled 1-on-1 sessions which are also included in packages that incorporate coaching and empowerment tools. Ideal for anyone who is struggling with repeating dynamics or who would like to accelerate their journey and actively create the most harmonious and fulfilled life that is possible. Zeo’s commitment is to leverage his experience and spiritual connection to help clients transform and empower themselves in the most efficient possible way to save time and energy for maximum results.

One-on-one Session

My aim is always to help you to become more empowered and happy by providing clear guidance on how to transform your challenges and by removing deep-seated limiting and repetitive patterns with the help of the Akashic records. This is incredibly deep and powerful as it accelerates the healing of familiar limitations that have held your soul back for centuries or even longer.

Session & Coaching Packages

Depending on the depth of your issues and your commitment to self growth I offer several packages to support you in your progress towards more joy and self-empowerment. The packages are designed to combine multiple services, tools and techniques for maximum impact and to coach you through all necessary transformation to get to the desired goal.

Workshop & Presentations

Workshops or Presentations can be custom tailored to meet the needs of specific students or practitioners and are provided over Zoom. As well as sharing knowledge on personal development and spiritual growth, Zeo’s channeling abilities add a powerful extra element of direct guidance and healing for the audience.. Please contact Zeo to discuss presentation times, options and cost for your students or group.