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Trinamite Empowerment
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Are you tired of doing endless feel-good quizzes, mini courses and trialling random self-development videos or books without truly progressing?
Feel like there’s big transformation moments on your journey but then things fizzle out and you return to an average experience of life not knowing why?

Most Efficient Approach

For maximum effectiveness Zeo combines Results Coaching with channeled guidance (Akashic Reading) and customised empowerment tools in the Ruby package, which is nicknamed ‘Trinamite Empowerment’ as it truly is the most explosive and efficient way to dynamically move forwards in your life! The initial package runs over 10 weeks and can then be extended as an ongoing subscription.
Trinamite Package

If you made some great changes and even acquired useful techniques but are still meeting the same frustrating and discouraging patterns you’ve struggled with for ages then this is THE HIGHEST EFFICENCY WAY to liberate yourself from the deep-seated limitations that hold you back from your full potential. And of course, to empower yourself to achieve an important result or goal that is most relevant for you right now.

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