“Share your Brilliance”

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Excellent presentation also includes your ability to present your excellence. And the prerequisite for that is believing in yourself and that which you have to offer the world. This combo aids the soul to build that confidence, to stay aligned to ones heartfelt inspirations and to skillfully relay one’s passion through the personality to others.

The other part of this formula of course is to ground and manifest in a very practical way that which is inspiring the soul. And here it’s all about staying grounded, taking action, being practical and systematic in one’s approach. And, dare I say it, to maintain patience, persistence and not get ahead of oneself. Ultimately this helps to balance creative inspiration (ideas) with the practical (business) activities that allow projects to manifest in a very grounded and tangible way, rather than for success to remain elusive or to ‘fizzle out’..

Red Tiger’s eye, Strawberry Quartz, Carnelian, Black Agate, green tourmaline Quartz, Labradorite, Prehenite, Citrine, gold rutilated Quartz

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