Time to shine’

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Radiate like the sun! In other words time to fully express who you are with all your talents, quirks and gifts.

This piece helps the soul to awaken the full potential, realise what is possible and to move proactively in that direction. And while in that exciting process not forgetting to honour one’s needs and doing things lovingly. Facilitates an inner inspiration and growing confidence into ones own value, even if more steps are required to bring things into the perfect fruition and manifestation.

Ressurects the recognition of your divinity and the amazing power and possibilities that deserve to be cultivated and shared.

Helps one to see that everything in one’s past journey has purpose and is divine. Enhances the souls connection to the wisdom of the higher self and the graceful solutions that emerge from that.

Ultimately encourages leadership and faith in oneself despite unresolved ego issues or personality flaws. The result is less procrastination, more inspiration & zest where one begins to live joyfully as a shining example to the world. A state where one works for the good of all, trusts, smiles and sparkles even if others don’t or may not understand why you’re so happy..

Rose, clear and smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Ametrine & “super 7”, Citrine, Citrine & Quartz pendant,

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