Action time’

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Discipline, focus & determination!

Yes, that’s exactly what is needed if you’re drawn to this but does it come naturally? Probably not, there might even be resistance, procrastination and lack if inspiration present.. all that is well good and maybe some healing is needed (see my healing bracelet) but at some point its ‘back to work!’

And at that point priorities, procedures (steps) and some courage may not be clear and this is where an activating and grounding combo like this can be extremely useful. Helps one to center and ground to access clarity about practical steps and to re-energize. Brings a ‘push’ to the parts of the soul and personality that need it and helps one to truly get started. Facilities honoring of ones strength and productive times without pushing oneself.

Onyx, grey Tigers eye, brown Moonstone, gold, gold/brown rutilated Quartz

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