Dark Fairy’

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The paradox is this: fairies can never truly be dark, for their nature is light.. and yet it can become overshadowed by all kinds of pesky things that can hang around if not addressed… The ‘fairy feeling’ includes lightness, expansion, openheartedness, joy and potentially greater oneness with the universe.

You may feel these ruminating within you, or maybe just around the corner yet ever elusive, even annoyingly vanishing everytime you felt you had claimed such a state of consciousness as a permanent feature.

Accordingly there may be frustrations and even doubts about your potential and ability to fulfill your destiny that have gathered like dark clouds veiling the truth of your brilliance.

This combo is the shamanic concoction that seeks to lead you through the maze that may be part of your current experience to the other side where clarity, zest and the expansion into the greater you awaits. And yes it brings a sprinkle of magic fairy dust to the journey of transition itself.

Rainbow Obsidian, Aqua Aura, Labradorite, Haematite, clear Quartz, Tanzanite, Iolite, clear Quartz points,

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