Lotus Born’

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Assists thr soul to ‘rise from the mud’ of average and especially negative thinking and to maintain higher standards for oneself. Builds character and strength and promotes honesty, sincerity and integrity towards self and others.

This also means that fears, restrictive beliefs and limitations are pointed out along with a ‘judge’sto transform and transcend them. Can be confronting at first, yet conscious engagement will always lead to more honour, self-esteem and ultimately grace in ones life.

“Arise, become all that you are, conquer your limitations and shine as bright as possible” – if this is a relevant motto for you, then this will most certainly push you forward to be victorious. May sound bombastic but is definitely a push to rapidly move you in the best possible unfoldment.

Rainbow Obsidian, clear & smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Labradorite, Haematite, sterling silver ‘Thai filigree’ Lotus pendant

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