Walk in Peace’


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To keep the heart open even in times of challenge and difficulties may seem impossible. Yet beyond reactions and old unresolved energy is always the state of equanimity, peace and contentment.

This combo helps the soul not just to return there but to get so used to it that it becomes the norm. Not to the point of being totally detached from it all and closing off, but instead aware that feeling good, centered and balanced is the natural state of being.

Assists you to see the magic in all shades of grey and to release ancient burdens of the heart that cloud the joy of your being. Works gently and consistently to release all that is neccessary until the magic of life is obvious again.

Labradorite, grey Calcedony, grey Quartz & grey Moonstone, blue Calcedony, Amazonite, Chrysoprase, Gaspeite pendant

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