October 30

Staying sane in times of intense clearing



I understand your pain & anguish and that you may experience deep internal struggle during times of clearing – some of you in small doses, occasionally, and some of you on a regular basis with unpleasant intensity… and that there are moments where all meaning is lost and you may feel empty and full of despair.. at this time everyone is asked to allow old emotions and thoughts to release, most just choose to suppress, ignore, deny or project upon others.. so if you’re sick of suffering and ready to take responsibility for ALL ENERGIES may the following pointers help you to transition with more grace :

    Please remember that you are in a phase of deep release, clearing, healing, not just for yourself, but for all your lifetimes when you felt lost and lost the faith in Spirit & yourself.. these feelings are releasing into the earth, daily and gradually.. (yes I know it’s tedious & booring, but it does dissolve over time).
    Remember you are feeling the part of you that is lost/alone/grieving/unolved, but that is just 1 PART of who you.. so even if this part takes over your emotions, your thoughts.. you are asked to remember that the pure spirit/light has a plan for you here in the physical body, but first this part that experiences so much pain needs to heal & it’s emotions need to move through you back into the earth or your heart-light…
    Again, remember you are not this part that holds deep unresolved emotion or thoughts, it is only 1 ASPECT of your consciousness that is moving through (like a heavy sad rain cloud for example) – BE THE LIGHT for this part, for this hurting energy that is coming ‘out’ of your cells, that is healing through you (you are the ‘channel’ for it’s emotions & negativity to return back to Source and the Earth) –> this means you detach from it, don’t make it your primary identity, it’s just needing your acceptance, embrace and possibly loving encouragment to let go..
    Call on your spirit, on the Gaia (spirit of the earth), the Angels, the Holy Spirit to fill you with Love when you hold your hand on the heart – and breathe that love INTO YOURSELF.. breathe out into the earth until you feel more peace..’
    This Love is very real, instantly available, and you may be going through the initiation of Faith, where you have to surrender all meaning, all past, all that has been up to now, to surrender all the pain and anguish and doubt that you hold from the past several thousand years.. this is why the clearing feels so BIG, because it IS big and profound.. but you are never alone.. if you but OPEN and REMEMBER to draw the Love into yourself..
    Hold on, you are not alone, and even if friends take a day or 2 or 3 to respond, they and many others do care for your soul & wish for you to be happy, to choose love for yourself.. before you can feel this though, you need to go through the surrender/release of all these old feelings.. remenber the light in the core of your heart – it is always there, can never be touched, can never be extinguished… you can expand this.. and bring more light back into your aura/chakras…
  4. SELF NURTURING (practising love)
    Nurture yourself as best as you can, you need to care for the body – eat healthy food and start to smile into your body (bring love into your organs, cells and body itself..) I know this might seem like the hardest thing, but do your best.. try not to isolate yourself and reach out for the physical help that is available through friends or professionals around you…
  5. FEAR (can lead to INSECURITY and CONFUSION)
    BE WITH the fear, accept it, just be with it.. honour it and ground into the earthcore – ask for Gaia to bring all the peace and assistance for this fear to dissolve, call for all parts of your being to FORGIVE THE CAUSE of this fear, breathe.. and allow the time that is needed to get yourself back to peace,
    the more you focus on breathing up from the earth the frequency/energy (usually Love) that is needed for the fear the more easily you will move out of the mental anxiety back to peace (where the next step can be accessed effortlessly through your guidance/intuition…)
    If you truly accept the fear, then it looses it’s power over you, you become the observer of the fear and pretty soon it dissolves as you no longer are resisting or fighting against it…
    if you stay in the moment and focus on what you do have & cultivate the feeling of gratitude the abundance can only grow.. if you focus on the lack & what is not, then that will grow.. (law of attraction)
    Example: Fear of not making enough money for the rent –> turns into –> Gratitude that I have enough food for the month..
    If you focus on Love & all the abundance you already have it will definitely help, but you also need to acknowledge the fears that are present, so it’s best to accept that fear is still part of your life, whilst you at the same time master the art of attraction..


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