Violet Flame Package




THE comprehensive package – a full set of tools to implement this powerful universal energy into your every day life experience to create a more smooth evolution and more grace, flow and harmony for yourself. ** includes three audio files **

The Violet Flame or Violet Ray is a universal transforming energy of great power and extremely useful to support your soul journey or general life experience. It has the ability to clear away efficiently all kinds of unresolved and limiting spiritual, mental and emotional energy and even assist on a physiological level to unburden yourself of old accumulated ‘baggage’ that has been stored by the body unconscious to your awareness.

Regardless of your beliefs, religion or spiritual inclination you can call upon this current of energy and harness it’s purifying force to create a more graceful journey for yourself and those around you.

The package was created with the following intention:

  • empowering yourself by understanding and incorporating the essential transformation tool into your life
  • to provide a full introduction, explanation and overview of this useful energy, ensuring clarity of its purpose and application
  • guided audio affirmations and meditations to make it easy to focus and call forth the violet flame when it’s most urgent
  • facilitating a powerful connection between your energy-system and the violet ray within the planet via an activation code


Entire package can be downloaded:

–> as soon as PayPal transfer is complete, you receive the download link for the entire package

–> Print & laminate the A5 Code and you’re set to go!


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