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Universal Healing Themes Mandala Set

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Universal Healing Mandala set of 14 codes

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This series of 14 Codes assists the soul to work through universal themes that require healing in order to truly expand, empower oneself, and experience more love, peace and happiness on the earth. Many of these codes address ancient, deep-seated or profound issues without the mind having to know every facet of how the limitation within ones energy field came about.

  1. Expressing Your Essence
  2. Death, Surrender and Rebirth
  3. Solar – Lunar Bridging Code
  4. Nurturing One’s Mission & Creations
  5. Anchoring One’s Light
  6. Opening to the Highest Potential
  7. Multidimensional Heart Healing
  8. Joyful Reconnection
  9. Surrender to Love
  10. Integrating Your Christed Nature
  11. Blue Heart Healing
  12. Collective Heart Connection
  13. Divine Mother Love
  14. Purity of Mind
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