Safe & Free’

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To feel safe in the superunknown and to swim freely and confidently towards your creations – that is the outcome of this piece.

To nudge and encourage you into that state of mind, a steady flow of encouragement and positivity is provided. As well as that a constant reminder to come back into the flow of life and connection to your spirit. That means pausing, re-grouping, re-aligning, and sometimes healing and meditating.

Are you in the flow or out of it? Helps the soul to acquire the wisdom and habit of to not push against the river of life or battle with your mind, but instead to yield and surrender. Aids to develop faith and trust in the support of the universe and ones power as a creator. May at times require a change of perspective and a re-evaluation of priorities. Ultimately facilities grace and expansion and through that more freedom and joy.

Sodalight, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Silver, Shattukite pendant,

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