Rorschach test

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It’s all about perception. Are you part of the damned or are you a becoming Phoenix?

Are you over-analysing or gathering grey or black clouds that veil your sight of a glorious future? Rather than focusing on that which is dark or not working this encourages the soul to focus on gratitude (even for small things), to value the strength gained through confronting inner demons and to know that one is approaching the end of the dark forest. Or are you already out the other side but are not looking up? Generally assists one to re-open the heart to life and purpose and to be practical and grounded with the next steps.

At this point it could be that there is a general belief that things are gloomy and worse than they truly are. Accordingly one is encouraged to embrace any heaviness, negativity and past unhealed elements but to persist and move forwards.

When part of the journey is embracing the darkness that is presenting itself easily we can get scared & lost in it.

This combo encourages and strengthens the resolve within the soul to move beyond and to remember one’s talents, one’s dreams and one’s abilities to regroup, gather focus and emerge like the phoenix. Faith, resolve and inner confidence remain as ultimate gifts along with appreciation for those who are caught up in inner struggles.

Black Onyx, Mookite, Blue & grey Tiger’s Eye, white Calcedony, brown Moonstone, Serpentine, Prehenite pendant

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