River of life’

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Helps the soul to forgive, let go, and surrender old experiences, hurts or attachments that are preventing one from moveing forwards in life. That means one is supported to ‘cut one’s losses’ and move on because in truth there are much brighter things awaiting..

Returning into the ‘flow’ means one reclaims the support of the universal energies and is able to more easily live in the now, rather than parts of ones consciousness being drawn back into the past constantly..

Ultimately restores joy, inspiration and lightness. Brings the ability to see that the new dawn is already here and was just waiting for you to let go of the baggage keeping you in the illusion of the past (whatever past means for you).

Emergence into a new perspective, identity and positive way of thinking about the future may still need to be practiced, but at last it does become possible. That in itself can bring hope and lift the spirit, and greater positivity results, yea-haa 🙂

Sodalight, Angelite, Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite, Turquoise, Shatthukite pendant

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