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Relationship Harmony Mandala Set


12 Codes to help you transform relationship issues faster.

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These 12 codes offer an opportunity for the soul to transform common relationship issues faster. Always there’s an invitation to begin within oneself and address the inner energies, since they form the basis of what we attract in our external relationships.

Helps one to resolve difficulties that seem complex and difficult to resolve with partner, friends, and associates in a more effective energetic way.

  1. Radiating Love & Light Always
  2. The Dream of the Divine Partner
  3. Alchemy of Love & Light
  4. Masculine – Feminine Reconciliation
  5. Strong in the Truth of the Heart
  6. Abundance of Life
  7. Soul’s Magical Love Blueprint
  8. Unified Mind of Joy
  9. The Divine Self
  10. Healing Power of the Inner Hearts
  11. The Well Within
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