‘Powerup – 2nd life’


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At times inner darkness and unresolved ‘shadows’ arise to be embraced and transmuted.

This can be exhausting, tedious and even discouraging. And yet with diligent transformation this too shall end. By being present on the journey you may stumble upon realizations that are like ‘powerups’ that strengthen your soul.

Beyond all that healing effort lies your 2nd life where, like in a computer game, you are upgraded on every level to start the next level of your human adventure. That means you can approach everything with more confidence, curiosity and faith that your creations will be successful. Inner strength, resilience and determination have grown and even if there is still more to be healed it is done with an inner knowing that nothing can take away your power and destiny.

Black Onyx, Amethyst, Apatite, Turquoise, Amazonite, blue Howlite, Arizona Turquoise pendant

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