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Powerhouse – inner Strength’


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Sometimes life throws challenges at us that seem unsurmountable or at least overwhelming. The ‘dark night of the soul’ brings pain but also a big potential for healing and deeper insight/wisdom.. the question is are you moving in that direction or getting stuck in the ‘darkness’ of the experience?

This combo helps the soul to maintain a inner centredness and awareness that allows the transition to become more graceful & for the learning and insights to be occur with more clarity and depth.

This ultimately means more poise and peace during the transition, which ends sooner and results in more inner strength & confidence. Trusting one’s wisdom and becoming more fearless and outspoken are additional outcomes as well as an increased ability to be OK with less ideal circumstances.. (maintaining inner zen even if the outer circumstances are unfavourable).

A-quality Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, silver, Snowflake & Rainbow Obsidian, blue Tigerseye, Lapis pendant

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