Mother Goddess’


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Helps the soul to reconnect to the power and earthy strength of mother earth. Assists the etheric & physical bodies to release old energies and prepare for a higher vibration. That means more light but also more lifeforce (chi) that wants to flow through you. Accordingly the energetic and all physical systems need to have that capacity to switch to the next level. Provides a graceful transition and if neccessary ‘push’ to surrender heaviness, unresolved emotions or even pain from your entire being.

The ultimate result is a clearer and more energized daily experience where new consciousness and levels of awareness ‘stabilize’ as the new normal. In other words the ‘Super-me’ that was always fleeting or occasional up until then becomes the new norm.

Sodalight, Bloodstone, Moss Agate, green & pink Tourmaline, peach Moonstone, crazy lace Agate pendant

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