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Manifestation Power Bracelet

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Ultimate manifestation bracelet to transform grounding issues and release fears about being fully engaged on a material level.
Brings to the surface all judgment towards the earth and what it offers for the soul as opportunities to create happiness. Encourages a new relationship between oneself, the earth, and the physical dimension as a “playground’ for joyful, successful, and divine expression.

Helps the soul to connect to the earth energies and the resurrect one’s ability to be a powerful creator and manifestor on a physical level.

Supports especially the Base- and Earth Star chakras to release limiting memories and fears in order to ‘get buzzin’ and motivates the wearer into systematic action.

Obsidian, Amethyst, Garnet, Carnelian, Smokey Quartz, Falcon eye (if needed), black-, brown- and gold Tourmaline

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