Magic Creation Bracelet


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Assists the soul to develop a higher level of awareness and alertness especially on a mental level – in this way maintaining a higher level of clarity. Especially useful for busy people with multiple responsibilities or projects, helps one to prepare and line up all necessary elements for an intention to manifest/flow effortlessly (magical creation).

Helps one to stay grounded and practical and pay attention to the details that are needing to be taken care of. Aids one to develop intuition to know what steps and/or actions are most relevant and important and to take full responsibility thus proactively taking charge.

Nudges one to reduce distractions and/or introduce structure and discipline if this is required and, in this way, remain efficient, diligent, and productive throughout busy periods.
Great for seeing important projects to successful completion!

Tiger Eye, Falcon Eye, Labradorite, Aquamarine

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