Inner Serenity’


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Purify and transform the mind – this combo supports the soul to clear out the negative and judgemental thinking to make way for a brand new perception of self and of what is possible. The ongoing purification means increasing inner serenity and peace, calmness and an improved sense of trust in life.

Just like a witches cauldron it may not be a linear process but something that has to brew for a while and requires a dose of positive intention, faith and also patience.

In addition, the journey may include lessons and magical surprises plus new discoveries. The serene zen state of mind that awaits after all the confusion, doubt and clearing may not be apparent at all initially, but don’t let it stop you from phrifying and uplifting your mind 1step at a time..

Red Tigers eye, brown, copper and peach Moonstone, white Quartzite, Gold, picture Jasper pendant

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