Here comes the sun’


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Lalalala-lah.. it’s alright, dede-tede..

Just like a warm summer breeze a welcome wave of positivity is available to you now. Choose to open to this, to connect more with it and not to worry too much.. and ultimately to choose to be happy despite some life-areas that still deserve improvement.

This combo serves as an encouraging reminder and permanent nudge to remain conscious of the blessings that life brings. All that is good, working, all that one can be grateful for, all the warmth and kindness present within friends and people in general – don’t forget that difficulties and challenges are not permanent. Remember that the news is not a true representation of this world and that there are still many good things out there for you to discover and experience.

There is hope, there is great promise and much unfoldment awaiting you, don’t let any past grievances keep you in their spell or drag you out of the NOW. This moment is the springboard for a positive, awesome creation that begins with a choice of proper attitude and recognition of your power to choose your mental state.

Peach Moonstone, Carnelian, Aragonite, Strawberry Quartz, orange Aventurine, purple Tourmaline, Amber pendant

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