Heart Empowerment’


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Time to stand tall and stop “taking crap” from anyone, including parts of yourself that say: ‘too hard’ or ‘you can’t’ or ‘I’m afraid that…’

Time for proper boundaries that illicit respect and are based on self love and awareness of your needs.
Time to kick out fear & excuses in general and to make a principal decision to move beyond fear-based beliefs, attitudes and the limited perceptions that result from this.

Helps the soul to be loving and compassionate with self yet firm when it comes to bad habits and fear-based patterns. Aids one to take heart, a breath of courage and to get started with living the best possible life starting today.

‘Life is safe & I am powerful’ is the awareness and realization that is facilitated by this combination. Whether the journey there is long or short, it begins right now – no more time to waste!

Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, light & dark Amethyst, Silver, Rainbow Obsidian, Rose Quartz pendant

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