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Grounding & overall Strength’

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Works on the base chakra and the chakra column supporting the soul and mind to return to the body and be aware of its needs (more breath, proper nutrition, movement, rest, etc.).

Encourages the soul to become more practical, present and balanced by grounding and also energising the etheric level and helping the mental level to relax – this means ‘get out of your head, focus on health and what ultimately strengthens you on a physical level’…

Draws traumatic earth memories to the surface so they can be released gracefully and so the soul can adjust to a more empowering perspective for its human journey and potential. Helps to shift one’s perspective and recognise one’s power to create better conditions on a very tangible level, rather than to doubt it or avoid decisions and actions to improve one’s physical reality.

Moonstone, gold and red rutilated Quartz, orange Aventurine, Carnelian, Garnet, Dinosaur bone pendant

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