Earth Healing Mandala Set

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11 Healing Mandala set that can help you to reconnect to the Earth energies.

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This series of 11 Codes to assists your chakras to open and reconnect to the Earths energies.

This includes the main prana/kundalini/Qi energy as well as all the full variety of beneficial and healing energies that exist in the realms of nature (Earth’s kingdoms).

Helps the soul to accelerate the healing of the physical body, and resolving memories that make one feel disconnected, unloved, unsupported, lost, purposeless or isolated on the Earth.

  1. Opening the Heart to Gaia
  2. Opening the Solar Plexus to Gaia
  3. Opening the Earth Star to Gaia
  4. Opening the Link to Gaia
  5. Opening the Base to Gaia
  6. Opening the Sacral to Gaia
  7. Opening the Hara to Gaia
  8. Elemental Balance and Alignment
  9. Opening the Love Pathways to Gaia
  10. Opening the Light Pathways to Gaia
  11. Opening the Creation Pathways to Gaia
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