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‘Divine Feminine’ necklace


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Supports the soul to (re)connect, open and receive from it’s Divine Feminine self.

Provides healing and energisation for the energetic heart which is supported to release deep fear, pain or trauma so a new level of openness, trust and receptivity can establish itself.
Issues of distrust and disbelief are gently brought to the surface to be released. Helps to strengthen one’s trust in the goodness of the universe and the power of the feminine approach to life (accepting, allowing, letting go, etc.) without fearing to be victimised or overpowered.

Assisting you to ground peace, gentleness, kindness and calmness into your daily life, allowing yourself to take time out to relax, replenish and nurture self and, if necessary, to purify for the heart to stay open and flow with all that arises..

Rose Quartz, Pearl, Moonstone, White Shell, Mother of Pearl,


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