‘Consistent Creation’-2

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This combo helps you to ground and stay grounded, to persist and push through difficulties with intelligence. Grounding facilitates the awareness of what is practical and relevant on the material plane and being able to take action. Apart from being present and engaged the soul is assisted to make greater use of its inspiration and higher mind.

Activates ones power currents and creativity, inspiring action.

That translates as the ability to stop, reflect, if neccessary heal, and determine the best approach to solving problems and overcoming obstacles. Ultimately the result is more efficient action and more dynamic development of whatever is the current project. Greater stamina, persistence and determination are likely to improve because the soul adapts a flexible approach.

This includes taking time-out if neccessary or regrouping instead of banging ones head against a concrete wall according to the original plan. An additional benefit is an improvement of self confidence and esteem and a deeper realization of inner strength, helping the soul to believe in itself more in general.

Grey-brown & yellow-blue Tiger’s eye, Citrine, gold rutliated Quartz, Onyx, gold rutilated Quartz pendant,

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