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Celebrate yourself’ (c’mon!)


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Enjoy your beautiful self, rejoice in your uniqueness and allow your joy to emerge.

Assists the soul to acknowledge all the goodness and progress made within and without and move into gratitude about it. Honouring ones divine feminine power rather than focusing or worrying about all the problems and imperfections that are yet to be resolved.

Nudges one to accept all the life force available, to move and be alive, be less ‘frozen’ or rigid and generally loosen up and realise that life is great and one deserves to be happy.

Ultimately assists the soul to relax and remember the great benevolence available, the inner resources of wisdom and guidance and that ‘life is good’ and deserves to be enjoyed..

Apatite, Rose Quartz, red Coral, Aventurine, Onyx, Aquamarine, pink Tourmaline, Ruby pendant,

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