“Be free!”

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Free bumblebee – bee fly free, fly fly free my bee, bumble free and be! (Hahhahahaha)

This combo is about being not just more free in your mind and attitude but allowing lightness, humor and joy to enter into your life. And for that it needs to be welcomed by your soul and mind first. Then it needs to become habitual and that only works when heavy, burdensome and negative thoughts and perceptions are released.

Therefore the soul is encouraged to examine, transmute and release a whole range of old remnants that may have been inherited from previous generations.

Despite this not always being pleasant a positive and even cheerful attitude can be attained with the uplifting vibes that are sent forth by this combo.

Ultimately helps one to come to a realization that one can choose to be free (and joyful) in ones thoughts whenever there is awareness.

Fossilized Coral, Calcedony, Onyx, orange Aventurine, yellow Jade, yellow Agate, Bumblebee Jasper pendant,

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