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Balance & trusting your own Truth Bracelet

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Relax! Helps the soul to balance yin & yang, to rejuvenate, recharge and “chill out”. Helps to realise one’s own truth, strength & weaknesses and go into sufficient reflection to make wise and systematic adjustments.

In other words, to stay calm and make choices that improve one’s life step by step.

Drawing forth courage and making wise decisions without fear or worry of mistakes is part of this. Encourages the soul to make use of one’s masculine and feminine and apply them at the right time. To do this one must first recognise and honour one’s inner qualities and strengths. Helps one to not only appreciate these but become more confident and trusting in the application (making use) of one’s own inner (and outer) resources.

Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli, blue Calcedony, Pearl, Labradorite

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