October 4

Lower Back Pain


here’s a quick look at lower back pain from the spiritual perspective. As always, please use your own intuition to take what feels right for you from the words shared and let go of the rest.

–> Generally pain is a more urgent signal from your body – either to change something in the physical or on another level of your being, some adjustment, wether it’s posture or adjusting your thoughts, attitudes or adjusting your energy by healing something from the past. <–

Firstly, let’s make sure we use common sense and check the physical dimension first.
That means examining wether we’ve got the habit of bad posture or insufficient core strength. Remember the body compensates for stress or bad alignment in other areas, so if you you’re placing pressure on the spine by bending the neck all the time to check your mobile phone or you’re slouching when using the laptop then the lower back might be where some of the pressure manifests as pain later on…

Now, let’s look at the components that can lead to lower back weakness and chronic pain – I will summarise it in this way:
“Experiences that made you feel weak and powerless are emotional burdens that are stored in the lower back part of the body and mirrored back to you”
In other words, in the past you may not have received the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical support required to make you feel strong/confident and worthy, so the body
A. compensated by working harder
B. most likely didn’t receive sufficient energy in this area and therefore didn’t develop as well as it could have and
C. any unresolved emotions that were not expressed or healed by you consciously were stored away in the cells as a service to you…

So if you suffer from this it’s wise to begin by writing a list where you express all the things that made you feel like that in your childhood, especially between age 5 – 14 when your individual identity is formed for this lifetime. As you re-read the list, feel into the cause (or experiences) that led to these feelings and connect to the part of yourself that still feels hurt, pained, burdened, disempowered, unsupported and isolated as a result.
Next, remember this is not you, just a part of your consciousness and return to your core

That means with mindfulness or awareness you can imagine this part of your energy somewhere around (or inside) you, and at the same time observe it. Bring positive energy or light to it by drawing it into your spinal cord first (your core or central axis) as if you’re charging a cylindrical battery. With every out-breath send the positive energy or light to this part with a loving intention for it to release the old energies/burdens and to open to this supportive transmission you’re offering. Even if you will need to repeat this process to feel a breakthrough, it’s worth persisting and being extra patient and compassionate with the internal aspects of your consciousness that take time to really let go.

by drawing light into all your chakras, your centre. As you do this, set the intention to let everything go that keeps the lower back pain in place once and for all. This is like a command that you send to your cells, not from the position of a disempowered personality, but a divine being that is clearing it’s vehicle from old burdens. So that means you are commanding the light of your Divine Presence to come into you and to transform the causes that have led to feelings, and programs of feeling disempowered and unsupported. Expect some old emotions, negativity and possibly fears to come to the surface in the following week as a result.
If you want to become more precise with the healing process, I recommend you get used to sending violet light and unconditional love to the part of you that still carries the burden or feelings of not being supported (1).
Once you feel a degree of opening where this part is ready to truly forgive, let go and heal begin to use a combination of violet light, then deep green healing light and finally golden light for this part of your consciousness and also for the part of your body where the pain is most concentrated…
This will speed up the healing and transformation considerably.

The last step to complete the process is to master the lesson that was offered through your experiences, in other words, ask yourself:
“what do I need to do to support myself, respect and prioritise my basic needs and desires, build & assert my power on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level?”
–> write it down and review 2x per week.
This question will show you what learning still remains for your core strength to stabilise and strengthen, regardless of how difficult or traumatic your past has been.

Blessings & Love
Zeo Sheehan


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