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Karma & Akashic records – 1 perspective

Much has been written about the nature and purpose of Karma and the Akasha, the depository for a soul’s experiences, and many religions have their own unique slant on this.. and of course there are many ways of interpreting what’s ‘out there’ – here is just 1 perspective on the subject:

As your soul moves through different lives (incarnations) not just here on the earth but on many planes all your experiences are recorded in the Akashic Records of your soul.

The Akashic Records are held as energy in the spiritual planes of your energy body and directly affect your energy on a daily basis through your chakras (energy-centers).

All experiences that have not been resolved in unconditional love leave imprints in your energy body in order for you to meet this again at some point on your journey, giving you the opportunity to embrace the same experience with Love. This “rerun” of past challenges that is common to all present upon this earth is usually referred to as one’s Karma and serves the purpose of meeting all in Love to experience oneness with all through your heart or in other words to expand your consciousness into Oneness, one step at a time…

The Akashic Records hold key information about each soul, which can be used to assist a being on their life path. So clearing Akashic Records (in your energy-field) is one of the most direct and thorough ways to set a soul free from painful dynamics and to create a more graceful path for oneself in life.

Especially in relation to Karma that is very challenging, an Akashic Record reading/healing can bring about a permanent transformation of the core energies/dynamics by shedding light on where, when and how the Karma (or unresolved experience) originated in the first place. Usually the core goes back to deeply challenging or traumatic events where our soul decided to close down in some way or another… It does not matter wether the karmic experience is being relived right now or wether it has not yet manifested in one’s life, all can be healed by calling for the Karma to be absolved (cleared). Most often of course we are called to take action because the challenge is facing us in our daily lives, so working on “future” karma is a little rarer..

When a soul is ready to embrace healing, all that is connected with a specific karmic story of one’s soul will need to be forgiven and met with an open heart for all future times if one does not wish to experience this story again in one’s personal life.

An example of a Karmic story is if one has been deceived and betrayed by others in this lifetime and possibly fears this will re-occur, then the Akashic Records simply would reveil how one has created this in other lives by doing the same towards other souls.

So these souls one has a karmic connection with can be met, forgiven and held in unconditional love to disolve the dynamic which otherwise continues to return into one’s life experience. Usually such meetings, that are at times challenging and emotional, present themselves as past events with people & places, probably because most minds think in linear ways and can relate to the story better in such a framework.

Some Akashic Records may also seem not that connected to one’s current life experience but somewhat removed, this does not mean they hold less value in terms of healing and setting a soul free from future obstacles & suffering.

The role of an Akashic Record reading/healing is to provide an overview of the current karmic scenario for a soul to understand why they are meeting specific challenges in life (where they originated from) and to facilitate the process of resolving such memories step by step. Once a soul has completely resolved a memory back to Love, the process of clearing the related old energy from the chakra or chakras commences and after some time (usually some weeks) the path is cleared for this soul to experience life free from the previous challenges that arise from the karmic memory.

Major life changes are not uncommon as the “upgraded” chakra-system directly affects one’s perception of reality and ability to receive energies (such as Divine Grace) from the universe & energy from other souls.

After an Akashic reading/healing some souls are asked to meet past unresolved experiences again in their physical day-to-day life so they can truly act from an open heart & see with their own eyes what happens when one chooses Love in the face of challenging experiences. This way a soul will feel deeply in their heart the power of Love and the trust to follow one’s heart will expand.

Zeo Sheehan has been working closely with the enlightened Masters for the last 15 years and has trained to be a clear channel and access the Akashic Records for the acceleration of   a soul’s journey back to Oneness.


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