November 15

You are Energy


‘From energy you come & to energy you go’

Everything is energy – even though, as human beings, we focus on the personality and the image we have built about ourselves, all of that is temporary, whereas energy is eternal.All the thoughts, emotions, words and actions that we are transmitting and receiving are qualified by a certain frequency.

Scientists/researchers have measured and classified the quality of energy that lies within certain emotions and thoughts. With this in mind, it is useful to remember that love carries one of the highest frequencies of all emotions/energies. So when one is able to cultivate, give and receive love one is immediately increasing the overall energy within oneself. Because of the magnetic nature of a human being (the Chi a person holds around themselves) the understanding and cultivation of energy is very important. Because it determines what we attract and what we experience as we go through life and what not. This principal energetic understanding can very much help each one of even if we don’t have a specific spiritual beliefs or a spiritual path.
In the future energetic awareness and knowledge will be part of education, though now we may still be so focussed on understanding the physical dimension with all its components in various fields such as medicine, physics, chemistry.

You are energy and you determine your energy! The awareness, the consciousness with which a person moves through life determines the quality of their life experiences to a large degree.
It determines wether they have control over the quality of energy that is produced in any given moment – or wether life proceeds automatically according to the programming we all received in our childhood, through our upbringing or that may just be running instinctively because we are in survival mode. (in this state of course awareness is a luxury that is non essential).
But becoming more aware over thoughts & emotions is the first step to become a master of your own life. To examine those thoughts and emotions, and actions that are of a lower quality, then to ask the question: “is there another possibility, and if yes, how do I acquire it?”

–> Already just asking the question will set things in motion and allow life to bring you signs, suggestions and solutions to you if you pay attention.
–> but if you never ask the question you simply continue as usual, (on a similar level of energy) where you may desire, wish, hope or even pray for new results & improvements, and yet, because you haven’t improved the quality of your own energy it is impossible for this to occur.
It is the law of attraction, sometimes called ‘the law of magnetism’ that which is commonly referred to “like attracts like”…
–> So if you don’t like what is present in your life now, then seek to improve the quality of your energy and automatically life will improve too.
–> most of us have no idea how much we are able to influence the circumstances, the events and even the behaviour of people that come into our lives and yet energetically it is absolutely so..

The more one begins to study and apply this knowledge, the more one understands that one is in charge of one’s own destiny. Rather than attributing power to all kinds of other things such as parents, society, economy. Of course, one needs to pay attention and respect these influences, adjust and play by the rules.
And yet, when you become more in charge in terms of an energetic being, everything becomes better.
Just like atoms in a pot of water that vibrate higher when it’s heated, they stimulate the atoms around them to vibrate in a similar way. Soon the whole pot, rather than just one part of it, is boiling because the atoms are interconnected.
–> so If you recognise that you also are interconnected as a human being to many other human beings, regardless of physical distance, then you will see how much you can benefit society at large and move things forward in a positive direction, rather than feel powerless and insignificant.
—> regardless of what energetic state you are in, useful strategies exist for every possible level. For example if you’re depressed, then getting angry represents and improvement of your energetic state to a slightly higher vibration.
—> it is helpful to study ‘the emotional guidance scale’ (search images online) to get a better idea of what level of energy each emotion exists on. A key principle being that one cannot simply jump from a low-energy emotion to a super high energy emotion, but instead needs to gradually move up the scale.
—> as with all things in life, study and experience will assist one over time to acquire more and more skills, techniques and strategies to make sure one is maintaining an energy level that is as high and harmonious as possible
—> rather than ‘fight’ low energy states it is crucial to examine carefully why one finds oneself in that place. Is it a lesson or learning of some kind? Did I neglect to manage my thoughts and focus? Is it old emotion that has been triggered for me to embrace healing and allow it to release? Do I simply need a rest or look after a part of myself more? Questions such as these can help to get to the core reason why low energy is present and also help to accept things rather than go into a battle attitude that includes self-judgment and may require additional energy that is not wise to except.
—> making a list of what helps one to be balanced & healthy, what makes one happy in terms of focus and activities and what people are important to connect with may also be a useful exercise in order to systematically incorporate the insights. Of course coaching or mentoring is often the most efficient path to improve anything in one’s life as an objective external view by a professional can shine great light on what one is not able to realise about oneself. This is especially true for unconscious behaviour and unhealed issues that are difficult to detect by oneself.


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