November 22

Darwinism is Stupid


EVOLUTIONISTS – THE LAST NEANDERTHALS? 😀 (or maybe ‘the last Paleognaths’ – ancient ostriches who also put their head in the sand)

Note: This is NOT a Creationist debate, this is about examining beliefs, social conditioning (what you’ve been taught), real proof, and using common sense!

On the risk of touching a subject that might be almost as emotionally explosive as the Vaccine debate, I’m just totally floored how a flawed hypothesis such as Darwinism could prevail right up until today and box in the minds of so many!!

I guess those who want to promote certain ideas/beliefs just needs to repeat, confirm & promote untruth as truth long enough until it is generally accepted as the truth..  similar to the concept of man as a born sinner that seems for some to have prevailed until today because of repetitive instilling of beliefs?

(aka ”Dear son, Galileo, the earth IS the center of this solar system, why question that when it’s known to all?”)

In this 21st century there’s still so many people unable to look at new scientific evidence and admit that they’ve been fed misinformation, systematically programmed and might actually be followers of a cultish collective belief in a theory that is utterly wrong and unproven upon closer examination!

Immediately cognitive dissonance kicks in: BOOM! Here comes the emotional uproar, defensive mechanisms and the refusal to even consider that you might be believing in something untrue or even that you/we were fooled for more than a century!

Not easy to even consider let alone admit when there seems to be unsatisfactory replacements for this strong held belief that provides mental confirmation/certainty of our origin.

Either one can join creationists and just swap one flawed belief for another unscientific theory/belief or one has to go back to further enquiry or an open question mark – where does that put us as humans?

Having looked into this subject just a little I’m shocked to see how repetitive conditioning and creating a dualistic debate as diversion (if you’re not for evolution you must be a dogmatic religious believer/creationist) has limited the minds of probably billions or at least several generations.

Regardless of wether people want to believe or not, true science is based, as far as I know, on logical reasoning, provable evidence, not on anecdotes and creative drawings of hypothetical intermediary forms.

The sad thing is that on a deeper psychological level there’s probably an effect on the way we perceive ourselves, as a randomly evolved advanced monkeys or maybe a result of ongoing chemical reactions on the purely physical level with no real purpose rather than as the magnificent creators and potentially advanced mental/spiritual beings that we truly could be.

Conclusion: in the end we’re all entitled to believe whatever we want, and yet to truly expand our minds we must be willing to examine & RE-EXAMINE our beliefs in light of new evidence.

Below are some of the videos you might consider for critical evaluation, I’ve done my best to avoid the creationists who tend to add their religious “See I told you God wins!” as their satisfactory conclusion…


(understanding DNA concludes in mathematical impossibility)

Fossil evidence is missing, faked or artistically made up!!

(small creationist argument at the end – ignore)

(please ignore quote right at the end)

For a deeper investigation of the subject you might consider the book mentioned in one of the videos:


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