September 27

Crystal Energy


Acceleration, grace and healing through spherical gemstone jewellery..

Gemstones hold unique energies within and have the ability to assist your soul to balance all your energies, wether they be on a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical level. Each gemstone holds unique “frequencies” and with each new combination a new specific formula of supportive energy is created that is specially formulated for your current journey in life….

Depending on the formula this might be to help you heal, for you to grow and move through lessons and initiations with ease and grace and to re-align you to your highest potential at all times, to walk your path in grace and live your life purpose.

Crystals and gemstones subtly align and balance your energy “in the background”, nudging you in the right direction, helping you to transform and evolve faster, igniting your consciousness to embrace more of your divinity and allowing you to experience more of the higher vibrations that are possible…

I look at crystals as “wearable allies”, practical potions, uncomplicated essences that work around the clock 🙂 without you having to remember to take some drops at certain times.. The spherical shape of the beads enables the healing quality of the gems to saturate a person’s energy-field (aura) and through this also influence the physical body. Crystal energy continually assists a soul on many levels. Working ‘in the background’ to maintain balance, crystals and gemstones are a non-invasive form of vibrational medicine.


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