October 25

5 keys for easier living in difficult times


These thoughts are not necessarily just about how to live better in challenging times, but how to live smarter and create a happier life regardless of outer circumstances… but of course in difficult times there is more pressure and requirement to apply wisdom in order to live properly.. To live a better life is not just about the physical practical things but also about your emotions, attitude, mindset and perspective, so all levels need to be incorporated.

Let’s start with the spiritual fundamentals: your higher intelligence, or higher (potential) self, or Spirit is most happy to bring you more of it’s divine energy, lightness and indeed to merge with you, the human personality if you desire and allow it. What this means is any spiritual practice that includes some faith, belief and openness to the divine acts as a gateway for you to receive more light.
I know it sounds obvious and possibly basic for some of you – ‘so what?’ you may ask..

—> 1st key: the realisation that fear is always a sign that you’re out of alignment with your true potential, your higher self which can always provide you with clarity, balance and even deep insight if you are open to receiving it’s energy. Therefore the first step is always to purify, transmute and release fear, anxiety and stress as soon as possible. And as I continuously recommend, the violet light of this universe is the fastest way to facilitate this process of transmuting any heavy energy.
—> so fear is indeed like an enemy that deserves to be purified and yet a few fears are actually “practical” indicators to preserve your health and even life, for example the fear of jumping from a tall building is what I would call a ‘practical keep-me-alive fear’ that serves a purpose. Regardless of wether you’re facing a “useful” fear or a “purely limiting” fear, it’s always beneficial to use violet light/flame to bring you back into a state of greater calmness, neutrality and ability to open to higher quality energies.
Once you make “fear not welcome here” a rule, a habit, a lifestyle, already you will handle any difficulty much better as you’re not in a reactive state where you don’t have access to the wisdom of your inner spiritual being.

It’s nice to know that you don’t even have to wait for stress, fear and anxiety to accumulate and become intense, daily exercise and dancing can dissolve a lot of heavier and unresolved energies before you have to give extra attention to just them alone.
—> 2nd key: physical movement and opening to happy vibes (music) are key ingredients to reduce the amount of heavy and unresolved emotions or states which otherwise will require extra time and energy to dissolve. How come? Because physical movement indirectly creates an adjustment on the energy-levels of your being of which the emotions are 1 dimension. (no health = no energy to focus on the next level).
If you don’t have inner tranquility, and if you’re not connected to your higher intelligence in some way through a mental/spiritual practice such as mindfulness or meditation how can you even think straight, logical and wisely? in addition, if you’re not grounded, not connected to your body and the earth, then you will have less ability to relate to the physical dimension of life and think practically about what can and will improve your physical life quality. And that of course is the basis upon which you can develop more emotional and mental life quality.

—> 3rd key: Connection to your body (through breath, appreciation and exercise) and connection to the earth through nature are essential to build a healthy relationship to the physical element of life.
It has been proven that bare feet connection to the earth herself (grass/dirt/natural surfaces) helps the body to heal and to acquire a stronger magnetic field that directly is related to stamina. So make sure you connect to the outdoors and nature several times a week minimum, preferably daily.
In some religions, such as Buddhism, it can happen that the physical body and cultivation of physical elements are less valuable and should be minimised to ensure spiritual progress. In fact it’s an essential part of life that deserves to be honoured and integrated in order to serve as a strong foundation for the other areas. Without stamina, vitality and health, how are you going to progress to a higher level?

So with these things I’ve mentioned as part of your rhythm/lifestyle now you can proceed to managing better your thoughts, perceptions and beliefs about life and what is the reality you’re facing.
—> 4th key: “As you thinketh, you becometh” or “energy flows where your attention goes” or “what you think about becomes your reality”
All these expressions mean the same thing: your thoughts are powerful and whatever they’re focussing upon will become more empowered. The conclusion is that you need to discipline your thoughts and purify/transform the more negative and limiting ones.. if this doesn’t happen these thoughts will become habitual thinking which is also known as beliefs. After a while such beliefs or fixed perceptions become unconscious and you don’t even notice that a limiting or negative thought is occurring.. in other words it becomes normal. And many of your current perceptions and beliefs about yourself and life may not even be programmed through your upbringing but ‘brought in’ from your previous life experiences – quite a scary thought..
Now it’s important to realise that the universe is rather unlimited and yet it seems that fearful, negative and limited thoughts are widely accepted on this planet. The ultimate question then becomes: will you continue to accept them too or will you begin to empower yourself through choosing your mental focus and questioning, discovering and transforming the thought-patterns that are of a disempowering and limited quality? It is a daily choice and even if that which you think isn’t yet confirmed or physically present, the fact remains that thought is the beginning of all creation. Choose a good-feeling thought, rather than resting upon the less good-feeling thought and already you’ve acquired a worthwhile practice.

—> 5th key: Healing = evolving. Healing means transforming old energy and patterns and becoming more expanded in your consciousness through deeper understanding and wisdom. Think of it in this way: If you’re on this planet and not yet enlightened there’s still healing to be done. Healing of any situation or challenge becomes easier if you learn to ask the question: what is the opportunity for learning and transformation now? This of course requires you to detach, to think and sometimes to reach out and get another perspective from others, sometimes just from friends and sometimes from healing professionals..
Clearly, it’s good to learn about healing techniques especially for your beliefs/perceptions, for emotional healing and of course physical healing. Once you have some tools and you become more practiced the release of old unresolved energy, learning lessons and acquiring more understanding will become a natural part of your journey rather than something that you perceive as a nuisance and interruption of life. This means you will realise that healing can happen gracefully and is actually a great opportunity to offload old baggage that slows you down or that creates boring repetition in your life. It also means you are reclaiming more awareness, wholeness and power with every step you take in your own self-transformation. Ultimately it can even become exciting as you realise that healing allows you to become who you truly are much faster than if you don’t incorporate it into your life.

I hope you can gain some inspiration form this article and any questions & feedback is welcome. Thank you Zeo 🙂


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