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Akashic Reading Session


This session includes both channeled guidance specific to your soul's current growth and connecting to your soul's Akashic records/memories to release any experiences which are limiting you most in your preset life situation. Very much down to the point and directly addressing the biggest challenges a session offers the opportunity to gain perspective, ask questions and move on with more clarity, positivity and joy. Receive helpful recommendations and go straight to the core to release what is blocking you from moving forward in life, experiencing harmony and empowering yourself to the next level!

- channeled guidance from spirit allows for a deeper understanding of current challenges and recommendations to master these with more grace
- questions are answered to provide a higher perspective and if appropriate specific pointers on the unique concerns/queries
- release the deepest limitations by understanding the origin and by consciously undoing ancient agreements & beliefs to liberate yourself from limiting dynamics
- reclaim specific soul gifts that you may have closed down in other lifetimes
- live your life purpose more fully by understanding why limitations have been in place and what your true potential is
—> with all sessions, the prerequisite to get the full benefit is proper application of the recommendations received and allowing the surrender of old energies/thoughts/emotions that surface after the session

Normally: A$280


Normally: A$370