Each necklace has a specific unique energy for its wearer, assisting the soul to transform old consciousness that no longer serves them and gracefully move to a new level in their every day life experience. Each piece is a energised and encoded formula,of crystal energies to support a person through the current life lessons/transitions or to have support for a sepcific theme.

Personalised Healing Jewelery

‘Spheres of Love’ describes Healing Gemstone Beads that are highly charged, specifically composed formulas of crystal energy created to provide support, grace and acceleration to a specific soul for their current life lessons/growth.

These Gemstone necklaces have been specifically designed as a healing tool, but even if you're not into that, they’re quiet lovely just to wear as jewellery...

How does it work?

The spherical shape of the beads enables the healing quality of the gems to saturate your energy-field (Aura, chakras) over 2 days and then continually assist your being on maultiple levels (multi-dimensional).

Gemstone therapy is based on the understanding that everything is basically energy and the fact that crystals have the ability to hold more energy and a more consistent frequency due to their special molecular structure... due to this they assist the wearer to align to a harmonious frequency that is more aligned with the beneficial energies of earth and the universe..

Caring for and cleansing the crystals

To promote longevity of the necklace, I do not recommend wearing it in the sea or the shower (keep the necklace away from water) - bracelets no problem. Sleeping with the necklace on may strain it and thus shorten its lifespan further...

To cleanse place in a sacred space, preferably on a larger piece of crystal or on the ground (rocks). Alternatively you can place it on the earth for some day (or at least a pot-plant), put it in the sun or moon (use intuition) or use Liquid Light, a high-vibrational cleansing solution.

For enquiries about beads and other sacred tools, please contact Zeo here

All pieces (necklaces & bracelets) are  handmade by Zeo with high quality precious- and semi-precious gemstones, using Sterling silver or gold-plated Sterling silver findings with Rhodium crimps..

Each piece holds a very specific energy that is custom-designed to assist a specific person on their current life journey, which means these pieces offer great ‘background assistance for the months or years that are required for a particular change/transition or growth process of the soul.

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