What are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records describes a field of subtlest energy where all of your thoughts, words and actions leave imprints; it's a bit like a highly advanced DVD-recorder of the universe... it is accessed for learning, resolving Karma and accelerating the process of becoming more whole and evolved. Each soul has its own Akashic record, and there are also collective records of families, groups, societies, nations and also for humanity as well as other conscious life forms within the universe.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is a process of receiving and relaying information and subtle energy from a higher source or being that has a more loving and enlightened awareness and perception of life and the universe.

A higher source is able to offer through the channeler (or medium) deep wisdom and insight into challenges, healing and transformation for humanity as a whole or individual souls that have more specific issues.

Zeo is a conscious channel for the Ascended Masters which means he does not leave his body but instead steps aside with his personality whilst energy and words are being transmitted and during this is conscious of the words being spoken and aware of what is going on in the physical environment.

Who are the Ascended (or enlightened) Masters?

Ascended masters are enlightened spiritual beings who once lived on earth (or other planets0 just like we do. Through many lifetimes they 'mastered' their karma/lessons and overcame what some call the ego, the illusionary self..

They are present in a higher dimension of light, have bodies of light and have chosen to serve the divine plan in a certain capacity for the benefit of all.

Many ascended masters have chosen to stay connected with souls on earth to guide them on the path of spiritual development and transcending of their limited ego identity, which they themselves have achieved through different approaches. They are the true teachers of mankind, directing the spiritual evolution of all those who desire to reunite with divine consciousness, or God Presence.

Even though they are often represented as human beings (usually in relation to their most significant earth lifetime) such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna etc. simply to allow us to relate more easily through a visual form, in reality they can be likened more to vast fields of divine consciousness without form..

They are all one on their level of evolution but still hold unique qualities and roles in relation to the evolution of earth and humanity..

Why clear your Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are held in your energy field and directly affect your chakras through energetic veils, such as old beliefs, limiting perceptions, unresolved memories/experiences, disempowering thoughts about yourself, etc. that lead to reoccurring dynamics or patterns in your life.

You might call it an energetic ‘field of karma’ that is present from the day you are born and attracts to you certain experiences as well as determines the

pre-disposition of a your unconscious responses to these challenges in life..

For example as a soul one might have been struggling to resolve lack of love and harmony within one’s family for lifetimes and keeps repeating the same old dramas, even though in the current lifetime one’s intentions are pure and one is pursuing a course of positive action...

How does an Akashic session work? (What changes?)

The clearing of Akashic records frees your energy-body and chakras of the core imprints that draw into your life experience unfulfilling, repeating dynamics.

This occurs through your choice to become aware of the experience(s) that created the dynamics in the first place and to let go of the core agreements, contracts, beliefs and perceptions you created yourself at that point in time

(and usually re-lived and strengthened over numerous lifetimes).

Regardless of when these were formulated (and set into motion lifetimes of similar unresolved experiences), the key-experience is made conscious and through your free will the akashic imprint is removed forever.

Together with the channeled guidance (tips) provided by the enlightened consciousness that steps forth for you (an ascended master related to your current stage of growth in life) you are given all the tools necessary to complete the healing of the veils/emotions/thoughts through your own power of choice.

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Spherical crystals anchor and uplift energy in a holistic way and so are able to assist you subtly yet powerfully on many levels. A souls aura/energy-field is  supported to grow and expand through challenges with deeper harmony.

Akashic Record Readings

(60 - 70min.)

Heart Union Healings

(60 - 70min.)

  1. channeled guidance from the enlightened realms

• open to deep healing directly from spirit

• gain an overview of what is happening & why

• receive potent keys to transform old patterns

  1. release your deepest limitations which are limiting

  you most in your preset life situation

  1. accelerate your path with joy, ease and grace

  1. short channeled message from 1 enlightened being in relation to your heart and your relationships

  2. healing of a core-blockage in the heart

  3. deep resolution of inner feminine and masculine aspects of your own consciousness

  4. immediately creates deeper grace in your “real” relationships in the outer, physical reality.





both sessions are available via Skype