Zeo Sheehan offers several profound  healing sessions, each with distinct focus.

Akashic Record Readings

(60 - 70min.) also available via Skype/Zoom

This powerful session includes both channeled guidance from 1 enlightened being specific to your souls current growth and connecting to your soul's Akashic records/memories to release any experiences which are limiting you most in your preset life situation.  Very much down to the point and directly addressing the biggest challenges, a session offers the opportunity to gain perspective and move on with more clarity, positivity and joy.

Receive helpful keys for your journey and go straight to the core to release what is blocking you from going forward in life and empowering yourself to the next level!

• open to deep healing directly from spirit

• gain an overview of what is happening & why

  1. get closer to living your life purpose on earth without fear, as an inspired creator of your reality

• receive potent keys specific to your soul to permanently transform old patterns

• release your deepest limitations

  1. accelerate your path with joy, ease and grace

Soul Path Clearing (80 - 100min.)

Receive the awakening of something new and a clearing that will support your true path and wholistic experience of life to unfold with more Grace.

and for you to discover the truth of thyself.

This is a session is a combination of the Akashic reading with a profound channeled crystal-sound clearing through the chakras and all dimensions of the heart; to prepare the etheric/physical body for a higher level of frequency.. so the healing that happens during the reading is deepened and the new energies/blueprints/gifts of your soul are anchored in at an accelerated rate.. so less integration is required.. soul path and purpose open faster as a result..

(great for people with busybusy lives..)

  1. extended session, incorporates anchoring of reclaimed gifts with the use of   crystals  (as well as an initial Akashic Record Reading)

  2. hands-on channeling to clear the chakras and the heart and prepare the physical body to shift to a higher level of frequency gracefully

  3. supports integration of the new you and manifestation of your true soul path and purpose

  4. results in increased clarity, purpose, joy and harmony in all aspects of your life

Heart Union Healing (60 - 70min.) also available via Skype

This session offers a powerful shift in your personal (love) relationship towards more harmony, peace and even greater love, intimacy, trust and divine union.

It incorporates healing of a core-blockage in the heart and deep resolution/clearing of inner feminine and masculine aspects of your own consciousness. Assisting your inner feminine and masculine energies to let go of  old wounds, agreements and beliefs immediately reflects in your relationship(s) in your outer, physical reality. One of the most direct ways to move forwards in your love relationship or to attract an appropriate one into your life!

  1. release aspects of your feminine or masculine ‘core wound’ (story or belief) that 

  creates difficulty in your personal relationships

  1. forgive old hurts, and surrender old beliefs and emotions that may block your

  soul connection in relationship

  1. release attachments to concepts or ideals that may block relationships from

  being experienced from a place of true peace or happiness, through the

  breaking of ancient agreements (Akashic clearing of inner masculine and

  feminine energies)

Freedom for your Soul (80 - 100min.)

Clearing of energy-pathways in the physical body and many levels of your multi-dimensional being (energy-body). This session focuses on lifting deep seated anger and grief that has accumulated through many lifetimes and can affect your physical body with small and large pains and cause emotional challenges that seem unrelated to your current life experience here on the Earth. If grief and anger affect you on a reocurring basis and unbalance you, this session can bring about powerful healing.

  1. assists a soul to let go of unconscious memories of pain & suffering that manifest as pain in the physical body

• create a new pain-free reality for yourself filled with peace!

• channeling of clear crystal sound and resonant tones throughout the session

  1. hands-on healing to clear all Crystal Pathways of the physical body to receive and hold more light

• lifting of blocked energies that currently manifest as pain in your body

  1. deep and graceful cellular clearing and lifting of blocked energies/pain through use of light-language

Physical Body Healing (~90min)

This session focuses on a deep physical cleansing and regeneration of the cellular structure. Zeo channels clear crystal sound and resonant tones to support your physical body to release old pain and become as clear as a crystal.

Repressed emotions can block the energetic pathways of the physical body and eventually cause tension & pain. Not only recent events can be the cause of this but also soul-memories and inherited genetic patterns that at times arise on a physical level to be transmuted back to Love. A succession of 3 sessions with at least 3 days in between is recommended if chronic pain is present...

As usual, your soul will be assisted to become aware of the underlying causes of the pain to complete the healing through embracing and loving what is being offered to you as a (hidden) opportunity of growth by the universe.

Support Products: Visual Codes/Mandalas

-to realign your being to universal laws and specific enlightened energies to support your spirit & accelerate your journey

-uplift all energies within you to provide the highest possible ease & grace for your life path..



Akashic Record Readings 50 - 70min  (av. on Skype)

Soul Path Clearing

1h 20 - 1h 30min

Heart Union Healing

50 - 70min  (av. on Skype)

Freedom for your Soul

1h 20 - 1h 40min

Physical Body pain  relief




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